Soda Social

Manages, builds and develops and nurtures some of our key accounts who are a mixture of the Globes biggest brands and most innovative start-ups.


“Since joining Trust in Soda I have never looked back, they made me feel at home in a brand new city and helped me grow in every aspect both socially and professionally in ways that I could never imagine and provided the platform for opportunities years before I anticipated.”


Lauren was born and bred in Brighton and went to University in the Cotswolds studying English Language and Psychology and spent a few summers in America working in a Summer Camp. Lauren moved straight into IT recruitment after university before moving to London (and having the biggest culture shock of her life). Lauren started working for Trust in Soda in the summer of 2016 and has since founded our Women in DevOps Meetup group ( a social platform which brings women together and celebrates their achievements and ability to overcome the barriers that women face in technology.