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In midst of this ever-changing digital landscape, SODA will always be able to provide candidates with exciting and enticing roles to map out the next move. We are dedicated to helping people develop their careers, so get in touch and let us know a bit about you today.

  • We meet all our candidates and drill down exactly what they are looking for, standard.
  • We research what is going on in the industry. Ranging from agency mergers to the latest innovative digital product being released, to the hot new company that’s making waves on the market.
  • We are a business and here to make money but not at the expense of your career. Be comforted in the fact that we have the candidates' best interest at heart and do what’s right for them.
  • We pay up to a £1000 referral fee for any successfully placed candidate
  • We regularly organise forums for leading Digital Practitioners across the industry including, UX, IA, Social Media, Gaming, Ecommerce and Technology keeping us abreast with cutting edge innovations and latest trends.
If you would like us to call you back, please email us your name and telephone number and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


David has got a deep understanding of client needs and candidate skill sets in the IPTV and VOD space. He matched me with a fantastic project at Sky and subsequently ensured that there was no fuss with the contract. I would recommend David to anyone who's looking for the right role or candidate and wants a recruiter who is smart, empathetic and communicates clearly

IDA OLSEN, Senior Creative

David is a recruiter with integrity and has an excellent understanding of user experience and design for VOD and IPTV services. He always answers any questions in a timely fashion and goes that extra step to ensure everything runs smoothly with your contract. I would thoroughly recommend David's services to both candidates and employers alike.

JOSE ALVES, Founder and Director at Framefork

David first contacted me in early 2011 with what seemed a dream job. I wasn't available at the time, but he stayed in touch and a year later he placed me with my current (and amazing) client. Through it all he was friendly, personable, and always professional. After I was placed he continued to call and email to check that everything was ok and I was happy. In a world over-run with tactless, brash and overly aggressive recruiters, David is a welcome break and a delight to work with. I would highly recommend him to others.

Brandy Blyth, CUA, CXA

Where to start... For me, David is one of a rare bread who strives for true compatibility for both client and candidate. Now yes that may seem like I am pointing out the obvious though I can assure you this is no standard approach within the saturated world of recruitment. David's true dedication in helping me develop my career into what it is today has been greatly appreciated. Over the years I have come to value David as a trusted good friend and I look forward to many more banter filled years to come.

Magnus A vH Deuling, Lead / Sr. Design Consultant: User Experience, Creative Innovation & Direction