15 Sep

Living in a Data Bubble

  • Post by Sam Taylor
  • Post date: 15/09/2017

2017 and the power of data is more influential than it has ever been.  I recently watched BBC’s ‘Secrets of Silicon Valley’, and was shocked to learn the scale at which data is being used by companies for their own financial gain. The obvious being Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon…..these companies alone generated $25bn in net profit in the first quarter ...

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15 Aug

An Interview with Jose Alves, Creative Director for Sky UK

  • Post by Lucy Neal
  • Post date: 15/08/2017

So, if you could begin with telling us a bit about yourself!   "I studied in Lisbon and worked there for a couple of years, mostly doing graphic design, but my career in digital started when I moved to the UK 11 years ago. I joined the BBC as an Interaction Designer and had a brief stint at Skype for about 1 year. I then started freelancing, and worked for a few different companies...

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27 Oct

The Rise of Service Design

  • Post by Beck Harrington
  • Post date: 27/10/2016

We are super excited and so should you be for the next SODA Social event coming up at the Trampery in Shoreditch and the topic will be.... "The Rise of Service Design" We have some amazing speakers locked in who will be discussing current trends within this space.  As always this is a free event where will be providing drinks and Pizza.   This event is s...

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21 Sep

'How not to suck at DevOps'

  • Post by Beck Harrington
  • Post date: 21/09/2016

YES! Another exciting event is to be held on the 21st September 2016 at the fantastic ACE Hotel in Shoreditch and will be themed around ‘How not to Suck at DevOps’ *SPEAKERS ANNOUNCED* Andrew Martin Andrew is a Lead DevOps Consultant at Capgemini with a strong test-first engineering background. Proficient in application development and Unix systems architecture, ...

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24 Aug

You've made a right dogs dinner out of that.

  • Post by Lauren Langdell
  • Post date: 24/08/2016

Except you've been there 18 months and you're yet to see a snippet of stock, still doing the same work you did on day one and you're spending lunch time on the Easy Jet website booking a last minute trip away for you and your missus to the Costa Del Sol because the over time didn't convert into $$ and that pool party at the Caesars palace.  Feeling like it all looks like a ...

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2 Aug

We Love SODA Socials

  • Post by
  • Post date: 02/08/2016

On Wednesday 27th July, Trust In Soda hosted another EXTREMELY successful event at the ACE Hotel in Shoreditch. As those attending grabbed a complimentary drink, a handful of nibbles and took to their seats the speakers began discussing the future of serverless architecture. YAN CUI - @theburningmonk from YUBL, AHMED NUAMAN - @ahmednuaman from SCOUT and HASSY VELDSTRA - @hveldstra from ARTILL...

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28 Jan

The Best Soda Social Yet?

  • Post by Beth Cherry and Ashley Lawrence
  • Post date: 28/01/2016

Trust in Soda Social January 2016               As the excitement wears off, the hangovers prevail and you finally stop searching for the end of THAT Porn Hub virtual reality video… I’d like to do my best to try and recapture the entirety of Trust in Soda’s fantastic SODA Social 2016 and...

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4 Jan

Immersive Experiences & Technologies

  • Post by Beck Harrington
  • Post date: 04/01/2016

  Aino Hanttu, Service Design Lead, Futurice, @ainohanttu Over the past 10 years Aino has designed and developed end-to-end products and services for a variety of industries in Spain, the USA and Finland.  Currently, Aino drives the creation of stellar user experiences and world-class service design in client work at Futurice London. Prior to Futurice sh...

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7 Dec

Brad Merry has been named Best UX Recruiter of the Year 2015!

  • Post by Beck Harrington
  • Post date: 07/12/2015

SODA’s Specialist UX Recruiter Brad Merry has been named Best UX Recruiter of the Year 2015 by UXswitch!  Voted by designers and employers alike, Brad achieved top scores for each criteria for the award: Treating UXers with integrity and going the extra mile Quality and quantity of UX roles held Understanding of UX and involvement in the UX community   Re...

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4 Dec

Hayley Killengrey becomes shareholder at Soda

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 04/12/2015

Afternoon of Celebration at the SODA office! We're pleased to announce that Hayley Killengrey has officially become a shareholder of Trust in Soda! Since joining Soda in July 2014, Hayley has consistently gone the extra mile for her clients, candidates, and teammates. Congratulations Hayley! We're extremely proud of you and your dedication to the business. The EMI scheme is open to everyon...

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24 Sep


  • Post by Brad Merry
  • Post date: 24/09/2015

Recruiters are now like the “Traffic wardens” of the digital world and we need to change that. (The only other profession I could think of that seems to really grind everyone’s gears! Sorry!) Let’s face it, no matter how hard a recruiter tries to justify they are different to the rest, anyone outside their immediate network will pretty much tarnish the...

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4 Sep

Do perm salaries need a hike in London's never ending transfer market?

  • Post by Sam Taylor
  • Post date: 04/09/2015

Between July 1st - September 1st all English football clubs have the freedom to buy and sell players primarily to bolster their squads and ensure they are set up to achieve their goals for the new season. Sometimes the motives may be financial. It is now more than ever before a talent led marketplace, and to get the talent on board you need to cough up the money. £54m Kevin De Bruyne, £...

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18 Aug

5 Ways Technology Has Well and Truly Killed Cupid

  • Post by Beth Cherry
  • Post date: 18/08/2015

As I stood at the top of the Basilica Papale di San Pietro, in the Vatican City I gasped at just how beautiful the view in front of me was until… I was quickly spun around by my Italian companion for the perfect ‘selfie’ opportunity. Instead of enjoying this magnificent view, I enjoyed the wall in front with evidence of the view in the back, when I protested in the name of reali...

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12 Aug

Artificial Intelligence - The Facts!

  • Post by
  • Post date: 12/08/2015

Once the topic of Artificial Intelligence creeps into conversation, an inescapable sci-fi plot plays through my mind… you know the typical, man-made intelligence exceeds limits and turns on the creator. Next thing you know... a melancholy sky is falling upon a crumbling city, divided in two; robot and human. With Will Smith probably there leading the way into battle… ...

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17 Jul

Great Scott! They Were Right! 5 Most Accurate Wearable-Tech Predictions from Back to The Future 2

  • Post by
  • Post date: 17/07/2015

  As tech giants Google, Apple and Microsoft light the way in the advancement of recent developments, within wearable technology & as the middle mark for 2015 looms…  Here at Trust in Soda we have begun reflecting on just how far technology has progressed. What better way to view progression than reminding ourselves of some futuristic & technological predictions...

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13 Jul

Club Soda Incentive Trip 2015

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 13/07/2015

For an outstanding performance in the first half of 2015, Soda rewarded 5 members of the sales team with an amazing trip to Hvar, Croatia. Whilst staying in the best Villa on the island, the Soda team frequented beautiful restaurants, exotic beachbars, amazing nightclubs and even chartered our own luxury motor boat for the day. It was a trip we will never forgot and for next years excurs...

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1 Jul

Nadine Hild - Promoted to Recruitment Consultant!

  • Post by
  • Post date: 01/07/2015

We are delighted to announce Nadine Hild has been promoted to Recruitment Consultant! Her diligence and commitment has made her extremely successful here at SODA.   Working with Hayley Killengrey on our tech team, Nadine started her career at Soda as a resourcer and quickly closed her first 360 deal for a FTSE 500 company. As a native German, Nadine works closely with ou...

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15 May

Soda Social @ The Google Campus

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 15/05/2015

Soda Social last night was a roaring success! Thank you to everyone who braved the torrential rain and got yourselves over to the Google campus, hopefully the UBER code we provided came in Handy.  The atmosphere was great, It was buzzy, everyone was friendly and the speakers were very insightful. Big thanks to Mike Atherton and Alberta Soranzo for delivering great presentati...

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6 Mar

Soda Social - Thank you for your attendance

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 06/03/2015

Thank you to everyone who attended our first networking event last night and a big thank to our speakers Saba Shaukat and Soluis. We had an awesome time and we hope to see you at the next one.     

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24 Feb

Win VIP tickets to the Capital One Cup Final this weekend...

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 24/02/2015

Have a killer digital portfolio?  Looking for a great new opportunity?   Are you a massive Chelsea fan? Send over your portfolio ASAP for a chance to win exclusive VIP tickets to the Capital One Cup Final this SUNDAY!   Tell your digital buddies to send their portfolio over as well, and you could be going to the game together. Send over pronto: info@trustinso...

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22 Jan

Soda is Hiring

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 22/01/2015

Do you want to join the A-TEAM??? Soda are an award winning talent business and have had an incredible 18 months. (Winners of Best New Comer at Mara) We work in an extremely fun, creative, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment. We are looking for Tech, UX/UI, PM, Marketing and Mobile specialist Recruiters. We offer one of the best commission structures out there, an incredible portfolio...

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21 Jan

Soda's latest kicka** hire !!!!

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 21/01/2015

We are proud to announce Soda's latest addition Natalie Kalym who has joined the design team. Natalie studied Fashion Design and Business Management and is now looking to utilise those skills in the buoyant market of the UX/UI Recruitment space.   We are fizzing with excitement and confident she is going to do a fantastic job!!! Congrats Natalie and w...

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16 Jan

Our very own Brad Merry on ITV's Dinner Date, he makes SODA so proud!!

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 16/01/2015

Our very own Brad "the don" Merry made an appearence on ITV's dinner date on a New Years eve special. You have 15 days left to witness the fitness of Brads' attempt of Irish Folk dancing, suffering the meat sweats and trying to force down the dryest roll on the planet. He may of had one or two cheeky shots bless him, lightweight!!!!!!!!! C...

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21 Nov

Soda win Best Newcomer award at Mara 2014! Boomshakalaka!!!

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 21/11/2014

We are tremendously proud to win Best Newcomer at the Mara 2014! Soda have had an amazing year and have been privileged to work with the best clients and candidates in the industry.  We absolutely love what we do which is why we have done so well and the reason we are only going to get better. Thank you to everyone who has supported us, we really apprecia...

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17 Sep

SODA Become Members of APSCo

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 17/09/2014

SODA are proud to announce that we are now members of APSCo (The Association of Professional Staffing Companies) APSCo was founded in 1999 and is the only trade body dedicated to representing the interest of UK professional staffing industry.  In order for SODA to become a member we had to undergo rigorous reference checks. APSCo contact our candidates and clients and run strict checks tha...

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16 Sep

Soda welcomes our latest edition, UX recruiter Brad Merry!

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 16/09/2014

Trust In Soda are rather explosive with good news these days, here we go again!! We’re now up to 8 consultants, in a year, we think that’s pretty exciting!!!  So here is Mr Merry, he is as his name would suggest, he is at all times extremely merry!! Facts about Brad...   Why recruitment Brad? I enjoy building relationships and I am a very personable guy to...

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21 Aug

Thank You...To everyone who attended Soda's 1st Birthday Party

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 21/08/2014

Soda just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone who made the effort to soldier through the pouring rain last Thursday, to come to our shindig! We hope it was worth it, there were some very merry people, limbo umbrella dancing, awesome cocktails and gluten free beer that is actually good for you... apparently. We were chuffed that the venue was full being as we had to change it at the last min...

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15 Aug

Soda presents Retro Games Consoles

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 15/08/2014

Just because we are extremely hungover from our party last night and we are so bored of seeing the same self motivational Linkedin postings every single hour, we thought this might make a change ! Following on from last months theme, Soda Presents Retro Gaming Consoles! For us the Sega Mega drive was the Original badboy, what do you think?

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13 Aug

The Soda Birthday Party has moved !

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 13/08/2014

Due to the terrible weather thats been hitting the capital Soda have decided to move their party to the Grand Union bar around the corner 55 Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HA Free bar, food, DJ. 28 Cocktails on the menu. We have hired the whole bottom floor so it should be a blast.  

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1 Aug

Trust In Soda School Of CV MAGIC

  • Post by
  • Post date: 01/08/2014

Are you struggling with your CV? We’ve all been there... Writing your CV is a pain in the flipping side. What do you include on your CV? Where do you start? How long? How short? What’s the ‘right’ format? What goes first, the chicken or the experience?! We feel your pain. The Trust In Soda team have been looking at CV’s for over fifty seven thousand and s...

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22 Jul

Soda 1st birthday rooftop party - Farringdon, 14th of August 2014

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 22/07/2014

We are delighted to announce that we are holding our 1st birthday party at our sister building in Kirby Street, Farringdon. Its been an awesome year for us, establishing relationships with some of the best brands on the planet and connecting with some amazingly talented people. Drop us a line if you would like to come

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21 Jul

Retro Gaming - What was the best 80's / 90's game of all time ?

  • Post by David Young
  • Post date: 21/07/2014

Just because its Monday, we thought this might brighten up your day and re-ignite the kid in you ! Who remembers these little beauties? Soda have handpicked some of the best Console / Arcade games from the 80's and 90's era. We've left out some of the obvious choices but what was your best game of all that you would like to add?           ...

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16 Jun

Pizza Lunch for Pulse Live ! -

  • Post by Cahlen Macauley
  • Post date: 16/06/2014

MASSIVE thanks @worters & team @Trust_in_soda for helping us to fill @pulselive desks & bellies....#delivered

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17 Apr

What to look for in a UX Candidate or Agency

  • Post by Oliver Sutton - Director / Founder of Zedko
  • Post date: 17/04/2014

Leading UX professional and Zedko Director Oli sutton gives his views on what to look for in a UX candidate or agency.   Promoting the benefits of UX has always been a tedious but necessary task to allow for the appropriate budget and client engagement when laying the foundations of any forthcoming project. It therefore comes with great pleasure that UX is finally becoming an integral p...

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20 Feb

Soda Javascript Seminar and its free !!!!!

  • Post by Sofie Worters
  • Post date: 20/02/2014

The first FREE Soda JavaScript seminar is being held on March 11th here at the Trust In Soda offices. You dont have to be a developer to attend and with more and more of our clients asking for candidates with basic coding knowledge this could help add another string to your bow. Given by a London based GURU, we're going to kick start with an introduction into Node/Express/Mongo Back End and An...

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31 Jan

Lack of multi-threading in Node.js: A problem or a blessing?

  • Post by Mehdi Avdi
  • Post date: 31/01/2014

Following the recent controversy in the Node.js community, the ousting of a prominent contributor to the Node.js core and the fact that Isaac Schlueter has stepped down from leading the project pursuing his own startup, I was wondering how long it would take until a new fork of Node.js appeared. As it turned out, not too long. In fact, while all of this has been happening, a few guys were wor...

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26 Nov

What do we mean when we talk about UX?

  • Post by Alexander Frewin, Director and co-founder, Newt
  • Post date: 26/11/2013

The nature, scope and prevalence of UX has exploded in the last few years. From humble beginnings rooted in geekish usability, User Experience is now everywhere and on the lips of corporations, recruiters and graduates alike. So what is this thing we call ‘User Experience’? How did it come to be so ubiquitous, welcome and well regarded, like Pinot Grigio or David Beckham’s lat...

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